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Roof Repair Service & Maintenance

Roof repair service & maintenance is an extremely important aspect of prolonging the life of your roof, one of your largest serviceable investments on the property. We take service and maintenance seriously and view it as a very important piece to our business model. We are here to make the solution to your roof needs simple. Our primary goal is to save you time & money, while preparing you with informational reports that can allow you to budget and plan for the future. We can help you with leaks and will work overtime to get a trusted contractor out to service your roof as quickly as possible. We will negotiate the best pricing on your behalf and evaluate the scope of work performed on every project to make sure that the work done is satisfactory. Maintenance Plans are another great service that we provide to our customers. We can help you tailor the best plan for your roof system, building needs, and budget.

Metal Roofing & Gutters

We work with a number of contractors that have in house metal departments, cutting the cost of your Gutters, Downspouts & Metal Roof needs. Our goal is to work with contractors that not only provide superior workmanship, but superior pricing. We look for contractors that have set themselves up to be extremely competitive with metal services so that we can truly offer the best to our customers. We can help you with commercial & residential Gutters & Downspouts, as well as metal roofing such as Standing Seam and R-Panel. Metal is a specialty trade. Not all roofing contractors can do metal well, we've seen it first hand. Our goal is to give you peace of mind as we work with you to select the right contractor for your metal roof or gutter system at an incredible negotiated price.


Shingle Roofing

Shingles roofs are among the more simple to perform out of all the roof systems. This can present some issues when it comes to picking the right contractors as the ease of entry allows many companies to offer Shingle roofing services. With the Shingle industry's ease of entry there are many companies offering these services that have less than stellar business practices. When we work with you, we will help you select a contractor that you can trust. We work with contractors that have a good standing with major manufacturers, and excellent business standards. Our goal is to provide one of a kind service, price, and confidence to a part of the industry that has been plagued with many options and few good choices.

Flat Roofing

At RSBG flat roofs are our specialty. We work frequently with our clients on TPO, Built Up, Modified Bitumen, SPF, KEA, PVC & EPDM roofs systems. The flat roof industry is how we cut our teeth in the business and it is something that we take much pride in. Our flat roof contractor partners are real flat roofing companies. Not companies that "CAN" do it, companies that make a living doing it. Not only can we work with you on conventional flat roof systems, but we can also offer systems that are incredibly unique to the industry. Coatings are also something that we can help clients with. There are projects where coatings make sense, however the right conditions must exist.



We have access to solar partnerships that have allowed us to service clients with incredible pricing, best in industry financing, excellent warranties, and access to some of the best panels and batteries the market can offer. We can service solar in 19 states and counting. Our partnerships will continue to grow and expand geographically as we seek to bring the most comprehensive service in the industry to our ever growing solar clientele.

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